So What ?

Somewhere else, they are celebrating. Others are mourning. And, all in all, everyone has a part of life. Happiness is sometimes here and sometimes there. It commutes among us.
We each then need to live the moment. We can’t live here and there. It is not within our powers. Knowing this truth makes it crystal clear, that life is temporary. It is going to end when it’s time to end.
We fear because we can’t bear the unknown. It is emptiness we seek to fill up. We have to, because that’s how we’re created.
We always want perfection, though we realize it is unattainable in dunya. Yet, we keep yearning for it.
It is the emptiness we try to feed, trying different distractions to feel fulfilled despite of the fact that it is never happening here.
We must learn to say « No » to our whims in a way that won’t make us resist.
Define yourself rightly.


I don’t know, anyway .


Be Eligible First

It is that stage of life where a human being starts to develop a feeling towards a spouse. It is in our nature being attracted to the other gender- female to male and male to female.

As children, we love the attention of our parents. But as adults, we desire specific special attention that our parents won’t fulfill, obviously probably because it’s our time to be parents ourselves.

However, the question is: Are we qualified to be spouses and parents?

I’ve been reflecting on the marriages took place recently, and I’ve come to realization that most marriages weren’t well-considered. They just did it because they felt a desire and wanted to respond to it through marriage. Yes, this is better than making illegitimate relationship. Yet, taking the decision to marry is a serious step, and not a playground to indulge for a period of days then quit, leaving behind a damaged soul. It’s must being emotionally mindfully purposefully qualified for it, otherwise one is merely playing around in reaction to his untamed soul.

To wit, I am considerate about your inner nature but have an aversion to such groundless ruinous decisions.

Study first, or at least be conscious of the responsibility of being a wife/a husband, and a father/ a mother later on.

Felt why not articulating it, anyway.

Or Apply what’s been Revealed for them!

When I was an adolescentI used to think with my heart. How I feel at the moment is what I like to follow in the future. 

However, every time a thing got my interest, I would instantly drop yesterday’s desire to replace it with another new desire. It’s because I couldn’t see through things, my heart would always be the thinker. I was brainless driven by emotional triggers. 

I just wanted to have my desires achieved. I had no sense of logic and judged things in terms of what is being viewed, not with a critical thinking. The latter notion is recently figured out, as the beginning of adulthood, though I‘m only 22, but feel like Im in my thirties about to enter my forties. And I‘ve also got to read on psychology of my personality and what is the ultimate purpose of lifeI thus start to look at it distinctively, with the understanding that silence is a powerful solution, and wisdom is to wait patiently, because there are twists. I never know what will happen in the next day. And I cannot rely on expectations. 

Next is my little bro. He responds to things with his heart. He wants I don’t know what, but how I‘ve been analysing it is that he is experiencing life with the spirit of the I wantI desire, and that the others don’t understand me and they are stupid. 

Sometimes he gets on my nerve with his argumentsmainly spoke by heart, and I become madly loud. Sometimes I raise the flag of silence and observation, that I tell myself let him get the lesson the hard way since I see he assumes he knows it. 

But the problem isn’t with the productinstead basically is with the producers. They lack the education of how to elevate at every different stage to come. 

Upbringing isn’t only about food and clothing; it is about knowing how to nurture physically, mentally and spiritually. 

know we aren’t to blame it on parents. Education has to take actions in teaching students good behavior, and guiding parents to learn the methodology of dealing with different stages of growing-up. 

Isn’t A Myth

It shouldn’t pass a day without writing about something. Whatever you have in mind, as long as it is not going to overwhelm you with serious troubles, wordify it.

Anyways: Importance is to tell something. It doesn’t necessarily have to be occurred- but most importantly you make it up. I don’t mean lying though it is basically lying but seriously *purposefully* it is for the sake of practising to come up with a well-expressed composition. Your goal is that you let others get hooked by your imagination and your intellect.

Writing skills results from writing as many compositions as possible. Writing is a habit so it is advisable to write on a daily basis despite of the fact that you cannot think of anything. In fact, interestingly, you need to write about why you couldn’t think of anything and tell it in written words. See? It is never a problem of inspiration.

The problem, personally speaking, is sometimes I somehow get the sensation of timidity for I’m trying to admit something about my personality, or about something that I suddenly start to look at it trivially.

Writer’s block is a myth, I believe. Fear of confession is the killer of evolution.

Write, even for a period of minutes, and never fear your imperfections, it is actually the step up to self-recognition, self-taming and self-learning.

Admit it: I just did my writing and you are currently reading it.

Come Safe

Hi, beauty

Call on you to come as a lovely guest

Come to me,
My home is always opening to you

I am a warm hug,
comfort kiss

Say hello to me;
it’s a password to my heart

Hi, sweety
Your presence fills up an empty in me, lights up a kind of missing glory, joy…

Just be around and greet me whenever walk past me,
Your words are like I am in a honeymoon
Listening to my wife on the phone

Telling me to slow down, baby
I love you, come safe

A letter but no Letter

Have you ever lied to me ? because I did.
You think we get to know one another just because it happens
by luck. No there ‘s a reason
I might be the reason or you might be the one. But let me
tell you this. It’s not luck. I heard souls have met each
other before we’re born or being created as bodies. So it is
simply we ve met before. That’s the truth. How we meet as
images is the reasons we somehow freely make; we have caused
them somehow.
I’m telling this because I looked up for you on facebook. I
saw you in university. Something in me liked you so I wanted
to approach you. I couldn’t do it in person. I had the option
of finding on facebook. I did. I read you’re interested in
writing. I thought you would have written something. I don’t
remember exactly how It started, maybe from s4. But for sure
I wanted to get to know you. I liked the fact I felt you’re
my kind girl I want to be my wife. I don’t think I’m
exaggerating it. It’s the truth. I’m the guy who has no
relationship record. I always saw no benefit in being a
boyfriend. A husband or a husband. No way, the other.
We talked that evening, tried to be serious so directly into
my interest and supposedly yours too, writing. I showed you
my draft. You typed you liked them. And from here you started
to believe I’m good at writing. I helped you with getting
some points (lectures) understood. You confirmed it that you got them well. I was happy then. Our student to student relationship kicked off that day. We discussed lectures from time to time.

I always annoyed you by my drafts, trying to
impress you.

I will skip to that day when I gave you a book. Do you think
it’s luck I gave it to you that day? No! Sure.
I had dreamt of giving it to you. The other day I wanted to
see the dream comes true but couldn’t do it.

Turning around I saw you coming to sit next to me. It’s not

my thing being at front of the classroom but that day I sat
there in the front. So you sat beside me. And I gave you the
book I told you about on facebook.
Where’s luck here in whole of this?
There’s a reason but I think this reason is no longer
interested in us. No more chatting… This is a lesson.
I learnt who truly am I in this part of life.
That I never liked you as I thought I was. It’s just my heart
or my eyes needed someone beautiful or nice to talk to in my
university life since I used to feel lonely and I needed
someone to interact with, to feel human with. That’s it I
I hope you learnt who truly you are… Hiba.
As your name says it, you’re a Hiba to me. Don’t love it so
you don’t get hurt. I’m just making a thank farewell.
Your no one, Yassine.


The worst thing could happen to you is you figure out you are diagnosed with nothingness mood/ state. You know when it’s there around and within. Some symptoms that I might cite here are tiredness, anxiety, fear of future, and the most bitter is it feels like you are more tempted to sinning. Briefly, heart is at its lowest faith so you sort of avoid going into the Halal-Haram ( good-wrong) argumentation. You just do whatever feels desirable to your nafs (ego). Surely it’s Shaytan/ devil doing its whispers into you; like you’re being spelt on with the dearest nafs (ego) magic. It takes place at a blink of eye, that you find you’re heavy in the heart, that you need to be purified. You see this is all because of your nothingness situation/ state.

Isn’t scary to death you feel out of your Wakar ( sanity/ spiritual peacefulness) ?