Pictuers and I


My love for taking pictures born when I have come back from a visiting family in summer vacation, in Kenitra, Morocco. Where I was impressed by how beautiful machine ever invented the camera ( Canon ) it is. I carried with my hand, felt its value, and took some unprofessional photos. As I had been taken carrying a little dog. Form then to now, with just a phone, I’m shooting selfies and some different pictures so do I try to learn photoshop on them via any available program ( I’m using Instegram now ! )
This love I’ve turned it to passion -to be a photograph in future.


My Facebook’s account has reached more than 500 photos. They might see as the same because of my phone low quality in taking pictures. However, Picture and I are a unexpected love story in my life. You never know what’s going to happen until it does, that’s what happend to me I think.


Stop thinking of you the best !

We’ve been interested in same things, we’ve been speaking as we’re the only rightful ones. Put it another way, we’ve become one face of bravety, honor, rightous deeds. We’ve been seeing ourselves the best ones in society and so on. On the other hand, our reality talks about who we really are- a human full of fears within, cannot change anything. Even we have not the ability to discipline our freedom. No matter what, it brings me up so I’ll make it come along. Whereas we should not think like that.

Unexperienced student ! ( no editing )

My first year in university was a bit unpleasant time because of never being responsible through my life ever. Saying that for I went through not worthy memory to remind myself by, every time speaking about study, I had left alone in a dark night next to highway trying to hitch-hik for backing home. But before the previous happening, I had come to inscribe and do the switch which not goes along as I thought; on the other hand, I ended up unaccepted due to lack of life experience. It had happened in no time, the energy I was full of got wasted, and my attitude of anger had fucking put me in a mess barely think of me in it. And when finally got in a minibus to take me home, the only thing I felt after that I was lucky finding it. My parent and uncle were so afraid because of too late in a strange place and yet I’m not at home. At that point, my uncle was about to take his car to go searching for me till I am here arriving safe to my home.