How is important to have self-love ?

Some people think that love is a need for everyone’s life, and myself think highly of it. Because of a reason that I will present in a brief story about lacking of hearing the three words « I love you.  »
So if you are interested in, read it.

Here we go :  » A woman « X » who does not love herself anymore because of one thing, that she has a thought which is  » It’s not fair ! »
Every woman has a man by side, who has feelings into. But when it comes to her «  it’s not fair, » nobody tells her the three words : I love you !
And so not to prejudge what is happenning around thinking positive  » Maybe it’s not time !  » As she tries her best to know why, asking a big why in front of her :
Am I unattractive to love ? However, the first thing has come to her mind as trying to figure out for what reason she is disliked by men, even a freakish poor man hasn’t been into her. « Really, life isn’t nice nor fair to me, why have I done to deserve so ?  »
And also not to loose hope, she has gone for answering her whys. But seems she has a bad luck; no answers show up. Many attempts but no result.
Time passes… until a day, a discussing talk is on Tv under the name  » Love Yourself Or Fail Your whole life. »
This meaningful title has fixed in her mind as she comes to an end of her whys,  » Say I need to love me, myself from the beginning. »
What I am currently hearing the three words  » I love myself, » and the big surprise ever that she has now children.

How fair life it is now !


English Literature

English literature begins with songs and stories of the ancestors of the English people who lived on the borders of the North Sea. Then the tribes of those ancestors-the Jutes, Angles and Saxons conquered Britain during the later part of fifth century and aid the foundation of the English nation. They were mainly warriors and sea rovers, but the men of profound emotions. Their poetry reflects their nature trough subjects, like the sea, the boats, battles, adventure, nostalgia and so on. In the history of English literature, this period of creation is known as « The Anglo-Saxon Period » which produced chiefly the first poetry in Latin, especially great epic poem « Beowulf » , and a few other pieces like « Widsith », Deor’s Lament » and « The Seafarer ». Bede, a historian, and Ca’edmon and Lynewulf, the two great poets, belong to the Northumbrian school of writers between 650 and 850. The beginning of English prose writing is seen under Alfred (848-901) who revised and enlarged the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. The Anglo-Norman period began after the conquest of Anglo-Saxon England under William, Duke of Normandy of France. The literature, which they brought to England, is remarkable for its romantic tales of love and adventure. With its influence , the Anglo-Saxon speech simplified itself by dropping many of its Teutonic vocabulary to become the English language. Thus English literature is combination of French and Saxon elements.

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My undone story

My story of fondness started when I was 17 years old. I was fond of my classemate. She was unsimilar to all girls of school. And what made her different is that she’s come from a pravite school. But under certain cercumstance, she’s become attending the same school I did attend, too. Also, the most beautiful thing is we were in the same classe, shared same table. She was sitting next to me. You remember that table of two sticking places. I just needed a twist, and I would be looking at her. I was fond to crazy of her. I didn’t know what was that feeling of love precisely, maybe because of her presence, her beauty, her way of speaking, her gazes, smiles, laughters. I could tell she was the perfect type I happen to fall in love with, and that perfectness would never take place again. Blindly into her.
I still keep in mind the way we were looking at each other, silently and deeply, passionately and clearly. Everyone was speaking of a love story betweew she and I. Unfortunately, It didn’t occur. All we shared from gazes to feelings from afar did not lead us to a relationship, and so the year is finished. I hadn’t courage to let her know about my fondness toward her. That’s sad thing ever.
To conclude, I have never forgot her existence around, in fact, she is in every place I go to; first love is barely forgot.

Yesterday’s feelings

Everyone of us has many yesterdays in his pocket in which he keeps both mistakes and sucesses he does achieve. These two terms we depend on whenever we are in grieve; a yesterday’s feeling is all we have to carry on our lives, and refresh our memories that we had fears but it’s gone because of the previous ones had streghtened us. It does always bring us to the real thing in life, going on no matter what the challenge is. In fact, human being cannot forget the past; it’s something important within as it gives us our complete shape. We feel proud telling it.
When I do remember my shits’ yesterday and see where I has reached to so far, I grate everything I passed through. I thank God for this feature of Yesterday’s feeling.


I don’t have a special event to talk about, nor a lovely topic to discuss. Only what I am set to do at this moment is writing unsimilar things, kind of cryptical collection that gives a strange desire for reading- no matter the mood you are in. You’ll just find yourself reading and reading. Unstoppable lust for it. When you’ll be in a searching mood for something unknown so the process of reading keeps happening unintentionally, because of your sick personality that has led you to that.
We jump to conclusion easily as though we are smart enough, so we say it’s no use thinking that much- while the previous eras, legend genius people for sure, was rich that saying « you’re completly knowledgeable at all levels » make no sense, since they were many. Being aware of everything was noticibly hearing that time. In contrast with now, we are lacking of the reasonable man we have known before. Personnaly I think reading is a difficult task for a huge part of earth. Besides, our children have lost the excited faces playing with practical staff ( rocks, sand, water…) what are you thinking of when you buy a cellphone to your kid ? You think he/she will live the childhood as a kid messing ? Absolutely not !
You love your kid, don’t buy him a cellphone-instead- take him for a walk, show him reality in nature, teach him something…There is much to see in life.
Now we can find interest within us, heal deeper ego, have goals, be regular, a special event, and a topic to discuss.
You know why now !

What a welcome !

Today, in Marrakech city, two young students have stopped by a policeman because of their unreasonable choice to cross the route driving a motor, which is considered against right according to law. Despite their attempts to get out of- not paying the bill- The policeman has costed them 500 Dh with a duration of time, at least,16 days to be paid.
Here’s why they say  » Law doesn’t protect stupid people. » But I would like it to be in this manner » Law’s kindness towards newly students. »
However, the big question that bothers audiance is : Will they truly pay or will depend on their friends?
Personally, I think it’s no use looking for a way, and just looking for money. They are still students !