My undone story

My story of fondness started when I was 17 years old. I was fond of my classemate. She was unsimilar to all girls of school. And what made her different is that she’s come from a pravite school. But under certain cercumstance, she’s become attending the same school I did attend, too. Also, the most beautiful thing is we were in the same classe, shared same table. She was sitting next to me. You remember that table of two sticking places. I just needed a twist, and I would be looking at her. I was fond to crazy of her. I didn’t know what was that feeling of love precisely, maybe because of her presence, her beauty, her way of speaking, her gazes, smiles, laughters. I could tell she was the perfect type I happen to fall in love with, and that perfectness would never take place again. Blindly into her.
I still keep in mind the way we were looking at each other, silently and deeply, passionately and clearly. Everyone was speaking of a love story betweew she and I. Unfortunately, It didn’t occur. All we shared from gazes to feelings from afar did not lead us to a relationship, and so the year is finished. I hadn’t courage to let her know about my fondness toward her. That’s sad thing ever.
To conclude, I have never forgot her existence around, in fact, she is in every place I go to; first love is barely forgot.


Auteur : YassineHoutate

My name's Yassine Houtate. I'm a student. I live in Benguerir, Morocco.

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