How is important to have self-love ?

Some people think that love is a need for everyone’s life, and myself think highly of it. Because of a reason that I will present in a brief story about lacking of hearing the three words « I love you.  »
So if you are interested in, read it.

Here we go :  » A woman « X » who does not love herself anymore because of one thing, that she has a thought which is  » It’s not fair ! »
Every woman has a man by side, who has feelings into. But when it comes to her «  it’s not fair, » nobody tells her the three words : I love you !
And so not to prejudge what is happenning around thinking positive  » Maybe it’s not time !  » As she tries her best to know why, asking a big why in front of her :
Am I unattractive to love ? However, the first thing has come to her mind as trying to figure out for what reason she is disliked by men, even a freakish poor man hasn’t been into her. « Really, life isn’t nice nor fair to me, why have I done to deserve so ?  »
And also not to loose hope, she has gone for answering her whys. But seems she has a bad luck; no answers show up. Many attempts but no result.
Time passes… until a day, a discussing talk is on Tv under the name  » Love Yourself Or Fail Your whole life. »
This meaningful title has fixed in her mind as she comes to an end of her whys,  » Say I need to love me, myself from the beginning. »
What I am currently hearing the three words  » I love myself, » and the big surprise ever that she has now children.

How fair life it is now !


Auteur : YassineHoutate

My name's Yassine Houtate. I'm a student. I live in Benguerir, Morocco.

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