The Why is all we dream…

To help you figure out the Why our teachers want us to answer, we have to open up to things happening around us firstly. Secondly, being a good listener is also of beneficial skills adding to our abilities. Basically, the Why is a question to single out of community opinion impact. They look for teaching us to be open about what’s going on as also as to respond to it with the right action. They guide our choices and make sure we don’t get hurt if somehow happen to confuse between school and outside school. They know they have been students; they have been taught the same we are learning from them for the time being. The Why is just the dream we want to reach out answering it.  So there’s no need to fear asking why; it’s your dream. Feel free to ask it. Live it up then.


Auteur : YassineHoutate

My name's Yassine Houtate. I'm a student. I live in Benguerir, Morocco.

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