Will I surpass ?

The person I feel I’m today is not the person I was yesterday. A must be something changed in me, or something emerged from my body which I don’t know its Whs. But I’m certain there’s something new in me today.

The thing why I’m writing is that there’s that person whose writings get me alarmed to competition; as if I’m under influence of him trying to force me create a best writing than him. Even if we don’t know each other neither live the same life, but I do feel like he’s talking to me by his creative mood, making me want to surpass him. That kind of far to be equal match is believingly taken to the point I’ve been trying to write all genre of literature. It’s a feeling of unfelt challenge, i.e; only me who’s feeling it.

Perhaps If I take it as a challenge, I will be learning for the upcoming days which mean I will improve myself thickly and quickly for sure. Challenging oneself is all about.

I’m thankful yet there are people whose lifestyles and intetests are teacheable and that one can put them as competitor to success.


Auteur : YassineHoutate

My name's Yassine Houtate. I'm a student. I live in Benguerir, Morocco.

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