A twist of doubts

I believe that change is a must to take place within me one day. It’s not that I keep speaking about it means that it’ll occur by words. Actions need to be carry out, then hope for it to hit me strongly. But I believe it’s going to surely come to existence. I’m positive. 

With Allah will, of course, I will make it come out of nowhere. That’s what Allah is capable of. He gives every true believer what he supplicates for; it’s the power of supplication. Speaking of which, supplication is the spirit that leads to achieve inner peace and wellbeing. 

I’m concerned with that change matter, because I know the truth. Ramadan taraweh and Quran reading has me dawned on it more deeply than before. It’s like lighting up a darkned room for someone downstairs wants to descend but it’s obscure. The light of true peaceful path. 

The remaining questions are : Am I doing it right ? Am I yearning for it really ? Am I paitent enough to keep stepping up wherever it might drive me to ? You know, there’s always a question to be answered. Questions are throwing at those who are seeking a goal, but the how-to-respond-to that makes them unbearable which they turn into unfair doubts. Here, it starts the challenge and test and the hard work. 


Why it is so divergent ?

The whole thing has come without even making a way for it; that’s how change pops up to be around me. It’s through reading that I start thinking about it, maybe I’m being influenced every time I read a word. So the verb  » To change, » takes into my consideration. I’ve been pleased to such twist of life. Because I must not live it as a child forever, I