Words you use when you are healthy strong are not the same words when you are diagnosed with a terminal disease. Isn’t it ?

Living with a terminal condition is exteremly miserable to handle, when your whole life was a jumbing cherrfully and diving freely into swimming pool. It’s hard to believe that you are going to die that soon, thinking your life has just begun make sense, so why it all of sudden turned up a dead one. Having typed this introduction, I undersand why some people think of putting an end to their lives. This notion of killing yourself because of the fact that it’s going to happen sooner or later, so why just makes it fast and die with dignity? It happens they start seeing it that way, and also because they lose hope of recuperation. But the question here, is it permissible from religious perspectives ? Is it lawful ? What public opinion says about this way of thinking ?

It’s quite arguable and interesting issue at the same time. Firstly, let’s see what religion does say. Actually, it’s believed that all religions are in accord with the idea that killing oneself is surely unacceptable.

Islam, for example, is clear in that matter as to what says its holy book(Quran)  » And do not kill yourselves. Indeed, Allah is even merciful to you. » Nisa,29 Additionally, there’s a Hadith, » Whoever intentionally kill himself, then certainly he will punished in the fire of hell, wherein he shall dwell forever. » Bukhari and Muslim.

Nevertheless, some countries believe it’s a choice whether one chooses to kill themselves, or let someone do it for them as a mercy-killing. Accordingly, it has become a lawful under the title « Assisted-suicide. » It means that you will get help by a physician as long as you are determined to die. A voluntary termination of one’s life with the aid of a physician, as they define it.

This argument continues to be a public question-opinion. Some say it’s irrational thinking. Some have sympathy for people who make such hard decision. I know it’s incurable disease but because I’m a Muslim, I have hope that Allah decision whether I survive or die, so I just have to accept it’s not a curse but a mercy from Him. He is The All knowing, The Merciful.

Remember everything happens to you is surely Allah’s mercy, a way to wash out your sins.