A Serious Chat

A relative asked my opinion about a girl; he wants to propose to her. Before he told me her story, and I was all ears.
Him,” I’d like to know your opinion since you know religion better than me, so I want a piece of advice.”

Me,“ Yeah whatever, go ahead !”

 » Well okay, she’s married but about to get divorced. In fact, she’s married to a man older than her, nearly 10 years, but that’s not the problem. Basically he is the worse husband a bearable woman could bear; he’s an alcoholic and when he’s drunk he splashes her with wine, and he assults her. And that took place, I think as she told, after he had known her birth history.

When they get married, she thought she would tell him everything. She felt that he should know her truth, that she’s a baby of adultery. Accordingly, he used her admition against her every time he gets drunk. He abuses her from all angles, so she no longer into staying with him. “

He continued,” I’ve known her for years and she is dear to me; she has a good personality. I don’t want her to get wasted, that’s why I’d like to hear your thinking. He added,” I feel it’s the only thing to feed my lust, is to marry.”

You know, it’s complicated one. However, I laughed but the one means I’m clueless. But I argued and would type it here as a general issue.

Marrige is not just about sex. Because if you intend to marry for that reason, you are definitely wrong. Marrige is an establishment which Allah bestows upon us for a serious matter. It’s half Deen ( religion.)

That’s why majorty of today’s couples don’t last longer; they don’t get to know the first part which is Deen. When one’s comperehend this fact, they will find it’s not just intercourse. One has to explore the deen before going to a contract, because if it’s soulless, it’s easily breakable.

The only advice I could think of is patience, and to let time show him what will be going on the next years. I argumented,” You have to start praying and reading Qu’ran; answers are undoubtedly there.


Me The Bilingual

Last dream I spoke French to my students. I spoke of applied linguistics as a whole subject but tried to bound them to a specific subject that would be our semester. I asked them why there are many languages, and that’s just for the stimulus to my startpoint question, » How do we acquire our native language ?

They all thought of a reasnable argument, and a special one said that it’s there; we just have to nurture it. Adding, you know if you want to grow tall and healthy, you should eat nutritious food, that will give all you need for your day. This is how a language pops up to anyone; by nurture. And its best favourite food, I think, is to open your ears to your surroundings in order to pick up words and expression.

Another distinctive addition to the topic is that a we all have a universal grammar. It is latent but with time it is developed to come up with a newborn language speaker.

I let students express their ideas and they were so unpredictable of what they had; a cognitive ability that bring up interesting arguments which I sensed that semester would be a productive one.

I woke up and that’s the end of the session.

The following night my little brother told me that I had spoken English, and by that he was annoyed. He added, » I was about to smash you with a pillow but instead I recoded you ! »

I protested, » Oh You did!! Show me; I would konw what I was saying. »

I clicked to start it off, and to my surprise, » Wow that’s me speaking a stressful English! »

I actually spoke of a strange teacher who was into his out-of-nowhere topics- I stopped attending his class for that specific reason- I would be coming to find his way of teaching quite messy and he would ask any one of the students without of the latter raises his hand to answer. I had to be always on alert, which was not my thing.

The last sentence I said was, » I better stay home or would blow into his face! »

As the record ended, I was happy with my second night talikng in sleep. I even hoped next time would something of action; I mean I don’t mind if my talking plays a catalyst and maybe I would push it to some body languge while my eyes closed. Yeah it would be spooky to my brother; he would think I might be taken by an evil spirit.

Later on, I’m told I uttered Arabic standard not my Darija dialect. And that’s how I summed up Me The Bilingual.