The Mirror-Boy

A dog’s bark almost took my breath. I hurried up towards a crowded place, and there where I met the mirror-boy. After backing to normal breathing, I told him of the dog. He laughed, and introduced himself, I’m the mirror-boy, and I’m here looking for a young adult who is called Khalil, beaming a smile. »
I couldn’t get that unusual name, but whatever I took it as it is, and told him my name, » I’m Yassine from the football’s clan, » and asked, » What have you with that Khalil ? » He conversed, » I’m told he’s trouble with a living-mirror which I believe it’s a dead one because there’s one living-mirror and it’s mine. »  » Oh! My my! what fairy tale is this again ? » Exclaimed I

This all started right after he had become a narcissistic young man, and since then a whisper came to him causing him adolescent trouble. He dreamed of combing his hair, which deemed sarcastically unheard from boys his age. And as a result, he got into a handsome devil, that none could approach, although he was attractive. One thing that made people didn’t want to join him was his piercing stares every time aimed at them out of enjoyment. He thought he had a powerful thing about him, which was unwelcomed by his clan, the basketballs.

While the mirror-boy and I were chatting quite got along with each other Khalil was happily looking at the believed-by-him living mirror, and narcissistically complimented her for that stare, said, » I’m foolishly going to go banana when my powers finally come out of its silence. »

« That was the matter why I have to stop him before he brings chaos to his clan, » The Mirror-Boy angrily argued, and that ended up Yassine telling of where to find Khalil, besides The Mirror-Boy, » I will take you his nest because I know him. He’s my cousin! »

The Mirror-Boy unblinkingly widened his eyes for a quite dead moment, as if he had seen the Cursed Ghost why the clans had separated years ago.