Beat up your belly-fat

I’ve always wondered why some men have fat belly. This wonder popped up when I used to play with my father belly. I would play with it as if I was drumming. Yes, it has a funny melody.

As a growing-up, it’s become clear that fat belly is a serious problem to probably all young adults.

They say it mishapes them, that they start to think they have ugly body.

But don’t worry! If you one of those with fat belly, know that there’s a way to get rid of it, and get an attractive fit body.

Yeah! To be a magnitude. I bet you get my picture slightgrin emoticon

Now let’s get to work:

Three ways to beat belly fat:
1- Go training.
Be sportive, and get yourself out of your daily routine, at least three days a week. Do push-ups, run, and stretch your muscles. Or you might do push-ups at your cozy bedroom, before going to bed. Yes, it works. My uncle used to do it, and he’s a fit.

2- Eat healthy.
You know healthy food gives you strong fit body. Try to be a fruit-lover. It has a lot of energetic vitamins, that will make sure give you tendency to do first way (Training) Training without healthy food is a waste, you know!!

3- Be smiley and positive.
Psychology states that positiveness and smiley face are steps for eternity, not really, but just thinking of it has a fruitful effect.

And here you are lovely 😉

These ways are somhow related; trying them in accordance has a better chance to beat up your belly fat.

Unless you don’t!!


Writing for the sake of letting it Out/Go!

The boy I blame is the You I always use in my Facebook posts on the understanding that I’m pointing fingers at me, not a slight doubt about why I write in the second pronoun because it feels kind of blaming someone else. You see, it is the way that will keep me away from any pent-up comments towards what’s happening within my zone. 

I noticed it years ago, that when I keep silent, nothing is life but a word. Read any motivating articles/books, they will tell you to take risk and to get out of your comfort zone as if this is going to take you somewhere but a life, real one where there’s noise and headache. This is the life everyone should live so that when it comes to death you’ll recognise you were a human, not a word. 

Now I’m expressing, last time I couldn’t. Although I might sound convincing in my words, yet my functionality doesn’t reward my invisible effort, or it is a weak performance. Even I think/ conclude I’m always at the same level; there’s no progress, and even always redoing what I should have mastered it. Yes, this problem I call it: Aimlessly Wandering! I’ll be stuck re-practising the same things. Of course, Unless, that’s why I love to use Unless. It implies Hope and life.

Try to understand something!