Writing for the sake of letting it Out/Go!

The boy I blame is the You I always use in my Facebook posts on the understanding that I’m pointing fingers at me, not a slight doubt about why I write in the second pronoun because it feels kind of blaming someone else. You see, it is the way that will keep me away from any pent-up comments towards what’s happening within my zone. 

I noticed it years ago, that when I keep silent, nothing is life but a word. Read any motivating articles/books, they will tell you to take risk and to get out of your comfort zone as if this is going to take you somewhere but a life, real one where there’s noise and headache. This is the life everyone should live so that when it comes to death you’ll recognise you were a human, not a word. 

Now I’m expressing, last time I couldn’t. Although I might sound convincing in my words, yet my functionality doesn’t reward my invisible effort, or it is a weak performance. Even I think/ conclude I’m always at the same level; there’s no progress, and even always redoing what I should have mastered it. Yes, this problem I call it: Aimlessly Wandering! I’ll be stuck re-practising the same things. Of course, Unless, that’s why I love to use Unless. It implies Hope and life.

Try to understand something!



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My name's Yassine Houtate. I'm a student. I live in Benguerir, Morocco.