Not Really

A meme circulating in social media among Moroccan students that says, » what can you do with a license in English studies?  »

Many users have liked the comment: « You can watch MBC2 (movies) without having to read subtitles. »

Though it is not the truth, I cannot stop myself from laughing at it. This Meme culture has become a trend, that if you aren’t into it, you will be looked at as though you are illiterate. Society has shifted from books towards memes. It happens you come across students who read memes more than books.

But the meme you can watch MBCs, I believe, is hilarious and disheartening at the same time. Hilarious, because it’s just a laughing matter. Disheartening, because it spreads falsehood and it kills the spirit of students majored in English studies.

As a student myself, major in linguistics, I can show you that students of a language have many options if only they give it thought. And I somehow dislike the meme since I see that English department students support it. I don’t consider myself in their side. My reasons are options to take into consideration before going after the meme, and say, you can only use it to watch MBCs.

Why MBCs in particular, anyways?!

Options are:

Become a blogger, a journalist, a novelist, a critic, a columnist, a storyteller, #a teacher is always there#
a translator, an interpreter, a book reviewer.

These options are of no consideration when it comes to students without a goal. Or they think having a degree in any language, English, my case, means being a teacher.

Not to mention the question of competence or performance in the language.

That’s why you read such memes.

In conclusion, when we aren’t capable to reach our goals, we spread subjectivity among others. We use memes to kill the spirit, thinking it’s just a meme. It’s not. It’s mockery.


Inner Utter

An observation or a sensation I usually come to realise as a recognition of how I should supplicate so as to get a blissful breath from Allah straight into my heart and, my heart is thus at peaceful certainty.

The other way where I make supplication soulless or as though I’m in hurry that I get a slip of tongue and, there’s no spiritual connection being made, eventually.

Supplication has its how to go through it. Running fast wouldn’t get me a slice of the cake. I would discover it’s eaten by a slower in supplication. They know how to eat Spiritually.

Spiritual connection is heart in love with Allah’s plan. Spiritual connection is trust. Love is trust. Here I’m getting reminded of when I did it fully recognisable of the words. It felt powerfully trustfulness. I use big words because the feeling’s been undergone bigger.

Connectedness is a must so it’s recognisably attainable, my Spirituality.

Me the Teacher

This first moment of the session I’m going to stress out a something, that is, I want you to know that the exam will be on one of the three topics I’m going to specify along the semester.
I’m telling you this now, before going any further, because I really seek your learning more than testing your memory. So free yourselves from expectations about the exam question. Instead, listen to my lessons with curiosity, with the intention to learn a something for life. I choose to teach methodology because it’s critical, crucial course to our existence. Methodology will tell you about history and the knowledge came up with it. It will show you civilisations. It will explain you there’s a meaning in life that you need to figure out for yourselves, each.
My quote for the course is: « Get some meaning to your life. »


Do you want to invest in my course, then?

Focus Makes Life Life

 » My life changed because I learned to focus. »

This statement is simply structured but its weight is really something else. It suggests a cause-effect relationship, that is, if we focus our lives will change.

The focus is on focus. It’s the cause. If we figure out how to implement it, the effect will come accordingly. The problem is we don’t focus, or we try to do many things at once and we so end up accomplishing less or nothing worthy.

In fact, it’s hard thing to do; doing multitasks at once. Brian cannot bear it so we lose everything.

There’s a reason why we tend to want everything. By nature, we love to have everything. Everything points out at: I want a job, I want a lot of money, I want to be a writer, I want to marry the beauty girl on earth, and such kinds of materialistic wants.

But, do we come to accomplish our wants? 

NO !

We don’t do the first thing of the equation so the result won’t appear, logically. Math is rigorous. We have to respect the process of how things must be done if we love to see a result out of it.


Do focus on a single task and then wait for the fortune.




Here’s Logic!

 You believe in Allah and His messanger then you must follow what He says in His Book.
That simple, because logic is simplicity. Any deductions built based on unauthentic weak sources is considered falsehood. It is Dalal. One’s following whatever his mind or heart desires without any calculation or consideration is called blindness.
We should know ourselves. Who we are? What’s our purposes? How we’re going to base it? This is life. It has ends. One is terrible, and the other is fruitful. This is why we should know ourselves. What way we want to follow and live off its fortunes? It’s a real struggle but worth taking it if we believe in it, because it’s about belief. If we don’t believe in the right that must be worshipped, we are lost in worldly affairs. It’s of great importance to determine your priorities now before it’s the day of judgement. Everything worldly has an end, and only Allah’s face remains.
I have a problem with being clear about what I really want to be in this life. The problem is I kind of fear to boldly convey my beliefs. It shouldn’t be, I believe. Because I stated above, logic is simplicity. So I think I’m being illogical. My heart suffers from this fact. And I started to question myself: How you would feel that you are sining or not? There’s an answer so does everything. The answer is when my heart shakes as a result of the sin; and to support my answer, even my mind reconciles with my heart at that specific moment. They all prove me that I’m being a sinner accordingly.
I’ve come to realise that I commit a crime against myself. I belittle it, lie to it, and corrupt it. Temptations got me astray from the straight path I’ve been supplicating for. A moment of weakness or blindness got me dived into being illogical about myself, and this results in violating the concept of logic in Islam. That’s why I writing this, trying to requestion my priorities. I want my heart to open, to work for the day of judgement. Opening of heart means one’s no longer interested in worldly affairs.


Beat up your belly-fat

I’ve always wondered why some men have fat belly. This wonder popped up when I used to play with my father belly. I would play with it as if I was drumming. Yes, it has a funny melody.

As a growing-up, it’s become clear that fat belly is a serious problem to probably all young adults.

They say it mishapes them, that they start to think they have ugly body.

But don’t worry! If you one of those with fat belly, know that there’s a way to get rid of it, and get an attractive fit body.

Yeah! To be a magnitude. I bet you get my picture slightgrin emoticon

Now let’s get to work:

Three ways to beat belly fat:
1- Go training.
Be sportive, and get yourself out of your daily routine, at least three days a week. Do push-ups, run, and stretch your muscles. Or you might do push-ups at your cozy bedroom, before going to bed. Yes, it works. My uncle used to do it, and he’s a fit.

2- Eat healthy.
You know healthy food gives you strong fit body. Try to be a fruit-lover. It has a lot of energetic vitamins, that will make sure give you tendency to do first way (Training) Training without healthy food is a waste, you know!!

3- Be smiley and positive.
Psychology states that positiveness and smiley face are steps for eternity, not really, but just thinking of it has a fruitful effect.

And here you are lovely 😉

These ways are somhow related; trying them in accordance has a better chance to beat up your belly fat.

Unless you don’t!!

Writing for the sake of letting it Out/Go!

The boy I blame is the You I always use in my Facebook posts on the understanding that I’m pointing fingers at me, not a slight doubt about why I write in the second pronoun because it feels kind of blaming someone else. You see, it is the way that will keep me away from any pent-up comments towards what’s happening within my zone. 

I noticed it years ago, that when I keep silent, nothing is life but a word. Read any motivating articles/books, they will tell you to take risk and to get out of your comfort zone as if this is going to take you somewhere but a life, real one where there’s noise and headache. This is the life everyone should live so that when it comes to death you’ll recognise you were a human, not a word. 

Now I’m expressing, last time I couldn’t. Although I might sound convincing in my words, yet my functionality doesn’t reward my invisible effort, or it is a weak performance. Even I think/ conclude I’m always at the same level; there’s no progress, and even always redoing what I should have mastered it. Yes, this problem I call it: Aimlessly Wandering! I’ll be stuck re-practising the same things. Of course, Unless, that’s why I love to use Unless. It implies Hope and life.

Try to understand something!