Yesterday’s feelings

Everyone of us has many yesterdays in his pocket in which he keeps both mistakes and sucesses he does achieve. These two terms we depend on whenever we are in grieve; a yesterday’s feeling is all we have to carry on our lives, and refresh our memories that we had fears but it’s gone because of the previous ones had streghtened us. It does always bring us to the real thing in life, going on no matter what the challenge is. In fact, human being cannot forget the past; it’s something important within as it gives us our complete shape. We feel proud telling it.
When I do remember my shits’ yesterday and see where I has reached to so far, I grate everything I passed through. I thank God for this feature of Yesterday’s feeling.



I don’t have a special event to talk about, nor a lovely topic to discuss. Only what I am set to do at this moment is writing unsimilar things, kind of cryptical collection that gives a strange desire for reading- no matter the mood you are in. You’ll just find yourself reading and reading. Unstoppable lust for it. When you’ll be in a searching mood for something unknown so the process of reading keeps happening unintentionally, because of your sick personality that has led you to that.
We jump to conclusion easily as though we are smart enough, so we say it’s no use thinking that much- while the previous eras, legend genius people for sure, was rich that saying « you’re completly knowledgeable at all levels » make no sense, since they were many. Being aware of everything was noticibly hearing that time. In contrast with now, we are lacking of the reasonable man we have known before. Personnaly I think reading is a difficult task for a huge part of earth. Besides, our children have lost the excited faces playing with practical staff ( rocks, sand, water…) what are you thinking of when you buy a cellphone to your kid ? You think he/she will live the childhood as a kid messing ? Absolutely not !
You love your kid, don’t buy him a cellphone-instead- take him for a walk, show him reality in nature, teach him something…There is much to see in life.
Now we can find interest within us, heal deeper ego, have goals, be regular, a special event, and a topic to discuss.
You know why now !

What a welcome !

Today, in Marrakech city, two young students have stopped by a policeman because of their unreasonable choice to cross the route driving a motor, which is considered against right according to law. Despite their attempts to get out of- not paying the bill- The policeman has costed them 500 Dh with a duration of time, at least,16 days to be paid.
Here’s why they say  » Law doesn’t protect stupid people. » But I would like it to be in this manner » Law’s kindness towards newly students. »
However, the big question that bothers audiance is : Will they truly pay or will depend on their friends?
Personally, I think it’s no use looking for a way, and just looking for money. They are still students !

Pictuers and I


My love for taking pictures born when I have come back from a visiting family in summer vacation, in Kenitra, Morocco. Where I was impressed by how beautiful machine ever invented the camera ( Canon ) it is. I carried with my hand, felt its value, and took some unprofessional photos. As I had been taken carrying a little dog. Form then to now, with just a phone, I’m shooting selfies and some different pictures so do I try to learn photoshop on them via any available program ( I’m using Instegram now ! )
This love I’ve turned it to passion -to be a photograph in future.


My Facebook’s account has reached more than 500 photos. They might see as the same because of my phone low quality in taking pictures. However, Picture and I are a unexpected love story in my life. You never know what’s going to happen until it does, that’s what happend to me I think.

Stop thinking of you the best !

We’ve been interested in same things, we’ve been speaking as we’re the only rightful ones. Put it another way, we’ve become one face of bravety, honor, rightous deeds. We’ve been seeing ourselves the best ones in society and so on. On the other hand, our reality talks about who we really are- a human full of fears within, cannot change anything. Even we have not the ability to discipline our freedom. No matter what, it brings me up so I’ll make it come along. Whereas we should not think like that.

Unexperienced student ! ( no editing )

My first year in university was a bit unpleasant time because of never being responsible through my life ever. Saying that for I went through not worthy memory to remind myself by, every time speaking about study, I had left alone in a dark night next to highway trying to hitch-hik for backing home. But before the previous happening, I had come to inscribe and do the switch which not goes along as I thought; on the other hand, I ended up unaccepted due to lack of life experience. It had happened in no time, the energy I was full of got wasted, and my attitude of anger had fucking put me in a mess barely think of me in it. And when finally got in a minibus to take me home, the only thing I felt after that I was lucky finding it. My parent and uncle were so afraid because of too late in a strange place and yet I’m not at home. At that point, my uncle was about to take his car to go searching for me till I am here arriving safe to my home.